Learn from Home Resources

Learn from Home Resources are posted on our HESD website. You will notice that resources are organized by grade level spans: TK-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th. Please check out the resources to support continued learning for your child!
Thank you for your support!

Student Transportation

For optimal safety, security and most importantly, consistency for all students, please make sure your child knows how they will be getting home at the end of the day.  Any changes to your child's transportation after school will only be accepted until 10:00 am each day.  Exceptions will be made for extreme emergencies only.  Please help us keep your child safe and secure by adhering to this policy.

Classroom Interruptions

Student instruction time is the most valuable resource offered by the school district. Schools shall make every reasonable effort to eliminate unnecessary interruptions and activities that result in the loss of academic learning time.

Most communication is done via email in order to preserve class time and minimize interruptions to class time.  If a situation arises in which a message needs to be passed along to your child, please notify the office by 10:00 am.  This gives the teacher the opportunity to check their email at lunch and pass the message along to the student.

Messages received after 10:00 am have no guarantee of making it to your child.

We appreciate your assistance and cooperation with this matter.

Foggy Day Information

Here are several resources for you to know whether we will be on a foggy day schedule:

You can reach the Hanford Elementary Foggy Day Line at (559) 585-3652

You can tune in to PBS Channel 18 (Comcast Channel 8, Direct TV Channel 18 and Dish Channel 18) or KMJ Radio 580

If we are on a foggy day schedule, we will be listed as HANFORD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT

    Plan A: Buses are two hours delayed. Classes start on time.
    Plan B: Morning buses are canceled. Classes start on time.
    Plan C: Afternoon buses canceled

You can also sign up for our REMIND text alerts and reminders and you will receive a text if we are on a foggy day schedule.

To subscribe to this text messaging service:

Via text: @monroeelem to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, 'unsubscribe @monroeelem'.

Trouble using 81010? Try texting @monroeelem to (559) 422-5145 instead.


Student Supervision

Before School: There will be no adult supervision on campus before 7:15am. If your children ride a school bus, adult supervision begins upon arrival of the first bus. If your children walk to school or you drive them, do not allow them to come onto campus before 7:15am. After School: Supervision on campus after students are dismissed is until 3:00pm at the designated pick up area in the Monroe Circle and at the bus stop. All other students must leave the campus immediately after school is dismissed unless participating in after school activities.


If you would like to receive text message reminders from Monroe Elementary, you can subscribe to our Remind account.

Remind is a text message service that will send reminders of school holidays and school events.

To subscribe to this text messaging service:

Via text: @HESDMONROE to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, @LEAVE


Visitors on Campus

No one will be allowed open access to the campus, or pass the fenced area without securing authorization and a visitor pass from the administration. Parents must make prior arrangements with the Principal to visit classrooms. In the afternoon, parents may wait for their child’s dismissal on the outside of the perimeter fences only.

Also note that parents are not allowed in the cafeteria during breakfast or lunch times.

Student Pickup

Monroe Drive Area:

  • Please only enter the pick up area during your child's dismissal time. Kinder: 2:07pm; 1st-3rd: 2:27pm; 4th-6th: 2:47pm
  • If you arrive earlier than 5 minutes prior to your child's dismissal time, you will be asked to please exit the Monroe Circle area so that parents can pick up students who are already dismissed.

Cortner Parking Lot Area:

  • Students must wait INSIDE the gate for pick up.
  • Please use a parking stall, do not block traffic by stopping in the middle of the drive ways
  • You may pull up to the bus loading zone to pick up, SO LONG AS THERE ARE NO BUSES PRESENT. As soon as a bus pulls into the parking lot, ALL VEHICLES MUST CLEAR THE BUS LOADING AREA.
  • Do not drive through the bus only lane.

Cortner Gate:

  • 1st-6th grade dismissal only
  • Must pick up on Monroe side of the street, there is no crosswalk, students cannot cross the street.
  • Gate closes at 3:00pm. Students not picked up by 3:00pm will be sent to the office and will need to be picked up by the office on Monroe Drive.
Drop off of Students

The Monroe Drive area is a Drop off area for Kindergarten and 1st grade only. Grades 2-6 should be dropped off at the Cortner parking lot or the Cortner Street Gate.

If you have multiple children over multiple grade levels, we suggest using the drop off area assigned to your YOUNGEST child.

To ensure student safety at Monroe, if your child is in Kindergarten or 1st grade you will use the drop off location on Monroe Drive. If your child is in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th grades you can either use the Cortner gate drop off located near the play structure or the parking lot on Cortner. Do not drop off across the street on Cortner. Only use the side of the street that the school is located on. There is not a crosswalk available for students to use. If you have more than one child, you will use the drop off that corresponds to the grade level of your youngest child. This will ensure that younger children are dropped of closest to their classroom.



Make sure your child is ready and has all their belongings ready and in hand to exit the vehicle.
If your Kindergarten or 1st grade child needs assistance with getting out of the car, you will need to park your vehicle across the street on Monroe Dr. and walk your child to the gate. This will enable traffic to flow easily and get your child where they need to go safely and on time.
You are not allowed to park your vehicle in the circle of Monroe Dr. You need to stay in your vehicle and proceed with traffic.
Do not drop your child off in the middle of the circle. This is unsafe and is illegal.
Do not cut in front of someone already in the drop off line. If you are coming in on Peralta, you will need to go around the block and get in line with the rest of the cars. Cutting someone off is unsafe and puts students at risk.
The parking lot closest to the office is closed during drop off and dismissal and is only available or for those needing to park in a handicap stall.
Police will be patrolling and will give tickets to those who are illegally parked in a handicap stall or who are not obeying traffic laws.
Allow yourself plenty of time for your child to arrive at school on time. Traffic during the first weeks of school can be hectic, please plan accordingly.

Student Birthdays

Monroe does not accept deliveries of flowers, gifts, balloons, bouquets, etc. for students. If you want to bring something to share with the class on your child’s birthday, we recommend educational items such as a pencil for each student or a book that can be donated to the class or library on your child’s behalf.  Please do not bring any food items.  Please contact your child’s teacher before you plan on sending a birthday item.  Items will be given out as students leave for the day as not to interrupt instructional time.

HESD Mission

Everything we do must be for the expressed purpose of improving teaching and learning, therefore:

“Our mission is to provide an educational environment which reinforces basic cultural values, ethical behavior including respect for others, personal integrity, responsibility and accountability.  We will work together to provide students with a safe environment in which they can discover their potential and strengthen their motivation for living and learning.  As tomorrow’s leaders, students will be prepared to participate and function effectively in society.

Important Safety Information


  • Yard supervisors are on campus at 7:15 am Students are not to be on campus before then.
  • Drop-off/Pick-up Zone: Located in the driveway directly in front of the school.  This is not a parking area!  Please do not double park in this area.  Student's will not be released to double parked vehicles. This area is a ONE WAY.  Do not drop off students in the parking lot. Do not leave your vehicle.
  • The Monroe Drive parking lot gets very congested during drop off and pick up.  Please do not pull into the parking lot if it is visibly full.  Also, do not stop in the middle of the parking lot to let your children out of the car.  This poses a great safety risk for your child.
  • All students and adults should always use the crosswalk in the pick up area.
  • If you  need to get out of your car for any reason, please park your car in the parking lot
  • Maximum allowable speed in pickup/drop area is 10 mph.
  • While in the loading/drop off area, move up to the next available spot. For the safety of our students and to make sure the loading area moves along as smooth as possible, please do not double park
  • All adult visitors must check into the office before going on campus at all times.
  • All adults are prohibited from using student restrooms. There are adult restrooms available in the office.
  • Do not leave siblings of students not enrolled at Monroe unattended while on campus
Principal's Message

Monroe Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! It is my sincere hope that you and your family are safe and healthy during this time. As many of you are aware, due to Kings County being on the State Monitoring list for COVID-19, all HESD schools will be starting the school year in a distance learning model. Please know that the staff at Monroe are here to support you in any way. We are committed to providing our Mustangs with a high-quality distance learning experience!


Please expect that distance learning will look very different than the distance learning that you experienced last spring. Students will be receiving daily live instruction with their teacher and instructional times will mirror the in-person school day. Students will be required to complete assignments and log-in to receive instruction. In order for all students to successfully access distance learning instruction, all TK-6th grade students will receive a device. (TK-1st grade will receive an iPad, while 2nd – 6th grade will receive laptops) In addition, we will also be sending home other instructional materials such as textbooks and supplies that will be utilized within the instructional day.  Please see the attached flyer for our distribution days, which provides you information on when you can come and pick-up your child’s distance learning materials prior to the first day of school. (Students will receive information on who their teacher is when they pick up their instructional supplies. Class lists will NOT be posted)


 The Monroe staff is ready to kick off the 2020-2021 school year! We are excited to meet our Mustangs virtually and begin to interact with them via our online platforms! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I believe that when home and school work together, we create a team that provides support for your child’s success! We are Better Together! Your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you through remind, as well as please make sure that you are signed up for our Monroe school remind.


Send a text to the number: 81010 and in the message portion write @HESDMONROE


We have a few new staff members joining us this year. I would like to welcome Mr. Mario Taffola as one of our new Kindergarten teachers! We would also like to welcome Mr. Scott Baldwin who is joining our 4th grade team. We are excited to welcome our new teachers to the Monroe family!


Please enjoy these last days of summer vacation, we’ll see you all soon. Please see the additional information below that will provide you important procedures regarding the start of the school year. Looking forward to reconnecting with our Mustangs, and as always, we are here to support you and your students.


Best Regards,

Julie Pulis