Welcome to the Monroe READY blog! We have a great staff and are having a ton of fun with our students! Check in to see what we're working on and what to look forward to!

We're looking to build our Student Council! Interested? Tell your tutor and listen close to find out more during our Zoom meetings!

Are you up for the challenge? Get moving with Mrs. Andreas and this Disney Dance Challenge video!

Follow along with Mrs. Lopez as she teaches us how to draw a pretty, festive sugar skull!

Learn about polymers and how to make slimy oobleck with Mrs. Paige!

We learned how crayons get made, but how about legos? Learn how legos are made with Mrs. April.

Touchdown! Enjoy Football Friday with Mrs. Andreas and get moving with this GoNoodle video!

Learn how to do a Flamenco dance with Mrs. Lopez! Hear the beautiful music and learn a few new moves with the videos below!

Discover some new facts about pandas with Mrs. Paige. Pandas are really interesting creatures and there's a lot to learn! Read this presentation and watch these videos to find out something new!

Miss out on doing this Ocean in a Jar experiment with Mrs. April? No worries, watch the video to find out how to do this at home!

Come and see a little of what we've been up to lately! We've been having fun in READY even during distance learning so check out what has been going on!

Mrs. Andreas taught us how crayons are made! We use them all the time but how do we make them? Find out in the links below!

Storytime with Mrs. Lopez! Jump in Today I Feel Silly with Mrs. Lopez and be open about your feelings!

Learn about viscosity with Mrs. Paige, do an experiment, and see how you can make your very own snow globe!

Will you get stumped? Mrs. April's riddle time will challenge you to answer these riddles!

Welcome everybody to the Monroe READY blog site.  This is where you can learn and have fun all at the same time! The Monroe READY blog site is where you will be able to watch cool videos, and read a great quote for the day!