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Hi parents and students! This is going to be our last post for the 2020-2021 school year. We really appreciate you hanging with us and taking part in READY this year. We've got a few things to send you off with but we hope you have a safe, amazing summer until we see you again next school year!

First up, have your kids practice the Monroe READY chant over the summer!

Next, have fun drawing your own Ewoks and Chewbacca with these fun videos from Mrs. Yashi.

Then, learn all about bees with Mrs. Jennifer!

Finally, enjoy this fun Among Us video from Mrs. April.

Hi parents and students! We've only got a few weeks of the school year left but we're still keeping up with new, fun things to do! First we're going to start with a pretty butterfly craft from Mrs. Yashi.

Then, take a break and enjoy some healthy snacks from Mrs. V!

Next, learn about ocean life and thins that live beneath the sand of the sea with Mrs. Jennifer.

Finally, play a fun game from Mrs. April and see what you can find in this video!

Let's start off this week with a post helping us learn the history of Cinco de Mayo with Mrs. Yashi!

Next, Mrs. V will help us make a little craft to show how much we appreciate and love our moms! 

Last week, Mrs. Jennifer taught us all about turtles. Now, she has a woven turtle craft for us so we can make our own little turtle.

Finally, Mrs. April will help us to learn about the brain and all of its different parts!

We've got all kinds of fun stuff to check out this week! First up, have fun with this Sonic themed Cosmic Yoga and directed draw from Mrs. Yashi!

Then, enjoy this silly fitness challenge and try to hold a silly face while doing an exercise with Mrs. V.

Next, learn all about turtles with Mrs. Jennifer!

Hungry? Learn how frozen pizzas are made with Mrs. April!


It's time to sign up for READY for next year! Applications received before April 30th will be included in our public lottery so be sure to get them in! You can get an application from the school office or fill out an online form on our program page.

First, see if you can spot the difference in this fun video from Mrs. Yashi!

Next, learn how to make a butterfly oasis with Mrs. V and let us know if you can attract some butterflies at you house!

Then, learn all about ladybugs with Mrs. Jennifer and then do a fun craft where you make your own ladybug out of yarn!

Finally, will Mrs. April stump you? See how you do with these brain teasers!